Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paper Flowers

Here are some paper flowers that I have been making. They are made out of the brown packaging paper that you get in the mail. I used a 3 inch scallop punch, and punched out seven. Then I sprayed the layers with homemade glimmer mist and scrunched them in to a ball. I used my heat gun to dry the layers for a few minutes. I didn't completely dry them scrunched up, I opened the layers and finished drying them. Then I glued about 3 of the scallops on top of each other with the hot glue gun. The rest of the layers I scrunched the middle of the scallop and glued it on top of the others and I just repeated the process. After the flower was together, I sprayed them again with glimmer mist dried it and then painted the high points of the flower with acrylic paint. To finish the flower off I just added a center. Hope you enjoy :)